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  • Britain's In campaign needs to make up ground on the Out campaign.

    Britain's "In" Campaign May Want to Try Some of These

    There is still no date for the UK’s EU referendum and the deadline of 2017 may seem a long way off, but the “In” campaign is starting late and on the back foot for several reasons. Most Britons are naturally Eurosceptic and many are seriously ill informed about the benefits of EU membership. The subject is, in reality, too big, too complex, and too far-reaching for most to comprehend.

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  • The BOE would like to keep the UK in the EU.

    A 'Brexit' Would Not Be on the Bank of England's To Do List

    The Bank of England has entered the EU referendum debate. Its report, along with comments from Governor Mark Carney, emphasise the benefits that membership of the EU brings the UK. Carney says membership makes the UK more dynamic, giving it greater potential for growth, and more resilient to shocks. However, he also warned of the need to safeguard the UK against further Eurozone integration.

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  • Russia has far greater aspirations in the Middle East than helping Assad.

    Russia Looks at the Bigger Picture when Assisting Syria

    The sudden launch of Russia’s military operations in Syria late last month caught the United States and regional players by surprise.  It began with an announcement that defined the primary objective of the mission as a confrontation with the Islamic State (ISIS) in cooperation with the Syrian government of President Bashar Assad.

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  • New studies show England's inequality covers the land.

    Inequality Stretches Across England

    With its long history of feudal oppression, industrial workhouses, and dire slums, England is no stranger to deprivation. Even today, we are all too familiar with phenomena like “beds in sheds,” soaring food bank use and fuel poverty. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that, whenever there is a release of a new deprivation dataset, we tend to focus our attention on the “most deprived” places across England.

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  • The Greek project is far from over and many reforms still need to be passed.

    The Greek Government is Getting No Breaks, Especially from Creditors

    As a lightning rod for the global capital markets, Greece has surrendered.  It role being taken up by China rough transition or the Fed's continued reluctance to hike rates six years since the recession ended and despite the achieving of unemployment levels rarely seen. 

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  • In a world where there is an EU without a UK.

    Imagine an EU without the UK

    Europe is always a heated topic at a Conservative party conference. This year much debate has focused on David Cameron’s ongoing renegotiation of terms for staying in the EU. By contrast, the terms on which a Brexit might happen have garnered little attention. Those advocating it oscillate between – and often treat as interchangeable – quite different and incompatible scenarios.

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  • Portugal appears to be a star pupil of austerity, but it learned the hard way.

    Did Austerity Work in Portugal?

    Austerity works. That is the message of Pedro Passos Coelho, the Portuguese prime minister, to voters. After three years of recession, Portugal registered a return to growth of 0.9% in 2014, exited its three-year bailout and the economy is projected to expand a further 1.6% in 2015 and 1.8% in 2016.

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  • The pressure is on Syriza to grow Greece.

    Post Election, the Real Work Begins for Greece

    Syriza’s victory in the Greek snap election is remarkable. After all, it followed a catastrophic seven months in power that saw Greece almost exit the euro, the Greek economy plunge back into recession, the imposition of capital controls following a practically meaningless and divisive referendum, and the signing of a third bailout programme last August – which effectively contradicted the platform on which Syriza initially came to power.

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  • The upcoming Catalan election is not a referendum, but it will feel like one.

    Junta pel Si is Promising a Catalan State in Short Order

    Catalonia goes to the polls on September 27.  Although Madrid stymied efforts to hold a referendum on independence, many partisans are claiming the weekend election is precisely such a referendum.  Even if this is not legally true, a victory by a coalition of those seeking independence would intensify the confrontation with the federal government, ahead of the national elections that will be held later this year.

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  • Thomas Piketty discusses the Greek election results and fallout.

    An Expert Weighs in on the Greek Election

    In the wake of a surprise re-election of Alexis Tsipras and Syriza, Thomas Piketty discusses the need for a more active approach from European leaders when it comes to the Greek question – and for a Eurozone parliament to be established.

    The Tsipras victory has come as a surprise to some. What has changed for Greece?

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