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  • Russia's capital flight surge increases its economic challenges.

    Russia: Capital Flight Surges

    Amid a spreading climate of fear in Russia, underscored by the late February assassination of Boris Nemtsov, Russians with something to lose are increasingly trying to find safe havens abroad for their assets.

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  • Kyrgyzstan is acutely dependent on remittances from migrant workers in Russia.

    Kyrgyzstan’s National Bank Governor Analyzes Effects of Russian Downturn

    The fallout from Russia’s economic downturn is forcing Kyrgyzstan to spend its limited reserves to fend off speculators and ease pressure on its currency, National Bank Governor Tolkunbek Abdygulov tells Abdygulov is using the crisis to try to strengthen rules for the Central Asian country’s under-regulated financial sector.

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  • Russia's economic cold is catching in its former satellites.

    What's Bad for Russia is Bad for Former Soviet Satellites

    Plummeting oil prices, conflict over Ukraine and the West’s imposition of sanctions have contrived to send the Russian economy into a tailspin. But it is not just Russia that is suffering – the economic downturn is having a ripple effect well beyond its borders. A group of 15 countries that once formed the Soviet Union, with a collective population of nearly 300m, are all suffering due to the slowdown in Russia.

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  • Solving the Russia/Ukraine contest won't help the Russian economy.

    Russia's Economic Woes Run Deep

    Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande’s push for peace in Moscow has helped fuel optimism about the prospects for Russia’s spluttering economy. On the morning of the meeting, the rouble had strengthened against the dollar and the euro, and both the dollar and rouble-based sections of the Russian stock exchange saw sharp gains.

    Unfortunately for those in the Kremlin, however, Russia’s economic woes are so deep-rooted that peace in Ukraine is likely to offer only temporary respite at best.

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