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  • Lula da Silva helped to put Brazil on the Development Aid map.

    da Silva's Development Aid is a Brazilian Distant Memory

    Compared to China or India, Brazil is a relatively small player in development aid. Yet it has managed to make a mark in Africa and globally, especially under the leadership of charismatic Lula da Silva.

    From 2003 to 2010, Lula led an unprecedented shift in the country’s foreign policy towards the global South. He also helped elevate Brazil to the status of a global player.

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  • Brazil was living the BRIC dream, but now it's more of a nightmare.

    Brazil's BRIC Dream Growth Now Seems Long Ago

    Only a few years ago, Brazil exemplified the BRIC dream of rapid growth. Now it is coping with its longest recession, loss of confidence, possibly a lost decade. Dan Steinbock explains what happened, and how and when Brazil could restore to its growth.

    In summer 2016, Rio de Janeiro shall host South America’s first-ever Olympic games, which were supposed to be a great coming out carnival. However, dark clouds hover over Brazil’s growth miracle.

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  • Zika arrives in Brazil just in time for Carnival and the Olympics.

    Estimating Zika's Economic Toll

    Predictions are that as many as 4m people in the Americas could become infected with Zika virus this year. While the virus only causes mild symptoms in adults, it is suspected to have been behind a big increase in the number of babies born with abnormally small heads. The human cost of what is happening in Brazil is clear and undeniable. However, with carnival and the Rio Olympics looming, what of the economic costs of the virus?

    To get a sense of how damaging Zika will be to the prosperity of these regions, we can compare its effects with those of other recent outbreaks.

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  • Brazil is in trouble, and the Olympics are coming.

    Things Could Be Worse for Brazil, or Not

    Today’s Fitch downgrade is a stark reminder that Brazil continues to suffer from a toxic mix of high inflation, recession, low commodity prices, and heightened political uncertainty.  Because we see no end in sight for these negative factors, we believe Brazil assets will continue to underperform.

    Political Outlook

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  • Brazil's political situation is now less awful.

    Brazil Scores Some Fiscal Victories

    Brazil’s government scored an important set of political victories yesterday, many of which impact the fiscal accounts.  It is too soon to say that the tide has decidedly changed, but there are some positive signs, and asset prices are responding accordingly.

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